What Our Customers Say About Our Farm

"This place really has nearly enough for you to complete your weekly grocery needs (Unless you want processed crap with unidentifiable ingredients-they don't have that.); chicken, beef, milk, cheese, fruits, vegetables, fresh baked breads, honey, preserves of different types....they even have giftable things like handmade cards, soaps, textiles, lip balms, candles, etc....ALL GROWN AND MADE HERE. How awesome is that? Oh. And they are nice."
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MC / Damascus MD

"I love to shop the farmers markets for my produce and any other goodies they might have. But, stopping by East Rivendell Farm is soooooo much better. First, you actually get to see the farm in person, complete with all kinds of critters and rows of delicious vegetables, and second, Sharon has a great market with all kinds of wonderful locally made gifts. Everything I buy is top quality and beautiful, the tomatoes are heirloom and come in every size and color, they make my mouth water just thinking about them; carrots can be purple; chard in all the colors of the rainbow; sweet potatoes so happy that they grow as big as my foot; Sharon’s homemade rolls are the best I have ever tasted; I can’t get enough of the kale, it goes into everything from soups to salads to pasta; the beets are ruby red or golden and make the best salads; and I just bought my first steak and can’t wait to cook it up into something scrumptious too! Owners Sharon and Steve clearly have done their homework and I am certain will be a great success."
BR / Woodbridge, VA

If you've never had eggs from free range chickens...you haven't really enjoyed good eggs. Sharon has a nice little store with hand crafted items on the premises, along with her goats & HUGE garden during growing season. Just be careful you don't run over the chickens (LOL).
SP / Maryland

"I had a mild rash on my upper forehead for a few years -- sort of annoying. But always too lazy to see a doctor (a guy thing, I guess). But I started using the goat's milk soap everyday two weeks ago -- the rash is gone. Excellent soap..."
PE / Olney, MD

"So, just like every other year, my son has gotten poison ivy already. We were really nervous since last year the poison ivy spread over his whole body, but then we remembered the jewel weed soap you gave me! The rashes haven't spread at all, haven't itched as bad, and are going away! Thank you so much!!!"
EH / Maryland

"It smells divine as the fragrance smell from the soap fills the entire room that you put it in. I also enjoy the various marbleized colors of each and the packing is done very nicely that identifies the contents of each bar. I am a soap fan for all of my qty 4 bathrooms in my home".
SJ/Mt. Airy MD